Melissa Oil

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About Melissa oil:
Uplifting, mood enhancing, Melissa officinalis is also called lemon balm because of the lemony smell of its leaves. It is a costly essential oil because of the large volume of plants needed to produce small quantities of oil. Beware of inexpensive offerings of melissa, since it is often adulterated with lemongrass and citronella. Melissa Essential Oil is excellent for restoring a calm and relaxed feeling. It relieves occasional nervous tension and has been found helpful for the relief of occasional sleeplessness. Melissa is often used as a digestive aid and helps with occasional heartburn, gas, bloating, and feelings of fullness. In clinical studies, Melissa produced unfavorable environments for certain viruses and bacteria. True therapeutic-grade Melissa is highly effective and greatly valued.

How to use Melissa oil
For dietary or topical use. When using as a supplement, dilute one drop of oil in four fl. oz. of liquid. Diffuse or wear Melissa Oil. Mist Melissa Essential Water on your face, body, and hair, or add to your bath.

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